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PowerQ Introduces Their New Logo

Further to the acquisition of PowerQ the company is adopting a newly designed logo that reflects its relation with its parent company Netcontrol. The new design uses the same warm-yellow icon as the parent company’s logo. This stylised “N” represents electricity, the key focus of both companies. The text or wordmark part, too, is black or white in its entirety as in the Netcontrol logo. The typeface outlines, on the other hand, derive from PowerQ’s old logo, but have been modified to harmonise with Netcontrol’s italics and the lozenge-shaped icon. The tagline spells out the association with Netcontrol.

With its forward-leaning new logo, PowerQ and Netcontrol are ready to face new challenges together. Next the two companies are meeting their mutual clientele at Netcontrol User Meeting in Tampere.


Netcontrol acquires PowerQ Oy

On 15th June 2016, Netcontrol acquired the entire share capital of PowerQ Oy, a specialist company producing enhanced solutions for the management and analysis of energy systems measurement data.

Through this acquisition Netcontrol strengthens its total network automation concept, and in particular its Netcon100 which already encompasses solutions for the remote management and line protection of secondary substations. Through the PowerQ products Netcontrol is now able to offer additional applications that enable proactive maintenance as well as power quality analysis of various disturbances in the electricity network.


Roadmap 2025 project has ended

Research project Roadmap 2025 aimed to create development model for electricity distribution and electricity markets businesses. The model included major developments during 2015-2015 and common vision for 2035. This project was financed by ST-Pooli, STEK and large number of companies. PowerQ participated in seminars as well as funding of the project.


Electricity distribution meeting in Lapland

Electricity distribution professionals around Finland gathered for meeting in Lapland. Major subjects were distribution reliability as well as sources for disturbances.


New homepages

PowerQ has lauched new homepages. Improved user experience can be seen while browsing pages.


Power quality meeting

During 2015 meeting distribution companies discussed network development and utilizing secondary substation automation. Additionally role of Smart metering in disturbance analyzing was discussed.


New software interface to ABB REF series protection relays

PowerQ has developed together with it´s clients a new interface to ABB REf series protection relays. This interface allows disturbance recordings management and more efficient analysing of them.


Certification for Netcon100

We have now completed user training for Netcon100 secondary substation automation system. Training is part of the cooperation with Netcontrol Oy.


Full range PQNet system delivery to Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö

PKS Sähkönsiirto Oy has implemented full range PQNet measurement management system. The utility is currently renewing it´s network using ground cables. PQNet system offers tools to follow network´s power quality during building. Additionally possible disturbances can be analyzed. The system covers measurements from protection relays, power quality meters, secondary substation automation and new smart meters from consumers.


Power quality meeting

PowerQ hosted meeting of Finnish distribution operators. During the meeting new legal recommendations were discussed. Addtitionally different disturbance cases were presented and solutions for them was discussed.


Netcon100 Interface

PowerQ and Netcontrol Oy have developed an interface from Netcon100 to PQNet. This allows full utilization of secondary substation automation. Solution offers benefits for network operation, maintenance and disturbance analyzing. Additionally network assets can be optimazed more efficiently based on actual measurement data.


PQNet measurement management system delivery to Savon Voima

Electricity distrubution company Savon Voima has acquired PQNet measurement management system. It allows utility to follow for example power quality in different voltage leves. New Smart meter devices at consumers have also been integrated into the system.